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A business leader with decades of experience in the produce industry, Cesare Della Santina leads CDS Foods in his capacity as president and CEO. As the founder of CDS Foods, a Canadian company that imports and exports fresh produce to countries around the world, Cesare Della Santina is constantly looking for new partners, and origins to bring new, exotic foods to his customers. At present, the company maintains contracts with growers in the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Mexico and many other countries around the world. While CDS Foods continues to provide its signature products – garlic, ginger, and shallots – Cesare Della Santina has expanded its offerings to include pomelos, Asian pears, dragon fruit, taro and many other specialty products.

Cesare Della Santina founded CDS Foods back in 2000, under the company’s original name, CDS Brokers. It began importing produce less than a year later, and gained a reputation for providing high quality and affordable garlic. The company’s new name reflects its full line of fresh produce and mission to continuing providing new products.

Apart from his work with CDS Foods, Cesare Della Santina maintains a strong commitment to his philanthropic efforts and participates in a number of charitable events, including galas and tournaments. His primary humanitarian focuses include children and health care. Some notable causes that Cesare has supported in the past have included Sami fruit foundation, Charles Bruneau and The Children’s Hospital.

Additionally, Cesare Della Santina is equally passionate about traveling. Though Cesare truly enjoys what he does, he finds that the travel opportunities that he’s been presented with have been most rewarding. Not only is he able to travel all over the world, experiencing different cultures, but he is fortunate enough to share that with his wife and three sons.

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