With the fall season quickly approaching, many produce departments are growing closer to making several changes, including the addition of several showcased items. Ranging from both fruits and vegetables, fall is defined by these unique produce foods as they are included in seasonal recipes and decor.

Here are a few of the most popular fall-based produce items.





In terms of seasonal desserts alone, apples consistently stand out as one of fall’s most popular fruits. Something about the fruit’s crisp balance of sweet and tart is synonymous with cooler weather and falling leaves. In addition to their key place in pies and fritter recipes, apples tend to spike in popularity during the fall thanks to their sheer number of different flavors, which provide bakers a wide range of opportunity in terms of crafting the perfect fall treat.  






If apples are fall’s most popular fruit, then pumpkins easily stand as the season’s most popular vegetable. Pumpkins may very well be the most iconic image of fall in general, whether they are being made into jack-o-lanterns during Halloween or delicious pies during Thanksgiving. In addition to holding such an essential set of seasonal purposes, the vegetables also provide the added bonus of being extremely nutritious — they are a great source of alpha- and beta- carotene and are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.





Small, tart, and full of flavor, cranberries are yet another staple of many fall-related foods and desserts. Their plentiful availability during fall comes as a result of their well-timed freshness cycle, which allows them to peak in flavor during October and November. Like pumpkins, cranberries pair their great taste with a variety of health benefits, including added protection against urinary tract infections.




Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a regular component of thanksgiving meals worldwide thanks to their natural sweet flavor and versatility in terms of preparation options. These vegetables also peak in freshness during the fall season, and their rich orange color — commonly observed in the United States — is actually rare in many other parts of the world.





Pears are among some of the healthiest fall-centric produce items out there. Their health benefits include an excess of soluble fibers, which helps to lower “bad” cholesterol. The fruits can be divided into two categories — European and Asian — but both stand as delicious and nutritious additions to a fall salad or healthy dessert.