Fruits are arguably the most important food group during the holiday season. From baking ideas to food platters, most of the season’s traditional tastes and scents stem from the contributions of various fruits.

Here are a few of the best fruits for the holidays.



Cranberries stand out as a consistent taste associated with the holiday season; their blend of sweet and tangy flavors are perfect for a variety of baking options — from cookies and scones to pies and cobblers — and they hold a deep red color that is aesthetically compatible with holiday table arrangements (pair them with something green for the full effect). These tiny fruits are also incredibly nutritious, helping to combat bacterial illnesses infections.



Apples probably stand out alongside cranberries as the holiday season’s most popular fruit. It is hard to envision any holiday party without the presence of an apple pie, apple cobbler, caramel apple, or simply an arrangement of standalone apples for garnish. The fruits’ crisp, sweet, and occasionally tart taste have become synonymous with the colder seasons.



Pears are unique in that they seem to peak in popularity during the fall and winter. These oval fruits hold a warm, juicy flavor perfect for holiday baking or simple healthy snacking. Most gifted fruit boxes contain at least one pear, as they are both delicious and pleasing to the eye thanks to their cinnamon brown to dusty green color array.



Cherries are a tasty treat just about any time of year, but they are especially utilized during the winter — particularly in holiday baking. From ciders to pies, cherries are a nearly irreplaceable part of the holidays, and they have become a mainstay at christmas and thanksgiving gatherings nationwide.



Clementines are perfect for holiday fruit assortments thanks to their convenient size and bold flavor. Outside of being a perfect healthy party snack, these tiny fruits double as an asset to you during cold and flu season, as each one contains about 60 percent of your daily recommended dose of vitamin C.